Pneumatic conveying systems

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Pneumatic conveying is achieved with the following Hosokawa Solids Solutions components for pressure and vacuum conveying: Pneumatic transmitters (vessel conveying), blow-through rotary valves (rotary valve conveying), Vacu Fill cycle suction conveyors (vacuum conveying), diverters and conveying line parts. They are used in the heavy industry in mild steel as well as in the fine chemical industry in stainless steel.

Both dense phase and lean-phase conveying methods in pressure or vacuum operation are possible. The conveying method with the suitable equipment is determined according to the bulk material properties, the customer requirements and the constraints. 

These components are usually designed and supplied as a complete package for the respective conveying task. However, they are also available individually, e.g. batch vacuum conveyor with suction lance for manual suction from barrels/containers. 

Hosokawa Solids, specialist for bulk solids handling, is part of the Hosokwa Alpine Group since 2020.

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Dense phase or dilute phase conveying?

The different conveying processes at a glance

The choice of conveying method depends primarily on the material to be conveyed and your individual application. A distinction is made here between dense phase conveying (strand conveying and plug conveying) and dilute phase conveying (lean phase conveying).

Dense phase conveying (strand or plug conveying)

Dense phase conveying is suitable for dry bulk materials such as powder, granulate, pellets or flakes. It is gentle on the product and segregation-free. Since a dense phase conveying system contains hardly any moving or rotating parts, the maintenance is reduced.

Strand conveying:

  • Air pushes or sucks a part of the conveyed material as strands over the bottom of the pipe, individual particles fly over it
  • Air speed 10-20 m/s
  • Pressure or vacuum operation possible

Plug conveying:

  • Air pushes the material to be conveyed through the conveying line at a low speed but under high pressure
  • Air speed 3-10 m/s
  • Only pressure operation possible
Dense phase conveying (lean phase conveying)

  • For dry, free-flowing, insensitive and non-abrasive powders or bulk materials
  • The material to be conveyed is sucked or blown through the pipe with relatively large quantities of air and low pressures
  • Air speed: 15–40 m/s
  • Pressure or vacuum operation possible
The right conveying process for your product

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Hosokawa Solids Product Range

Pneumatic conveying systems


  • Pneumatic conveyors in hygienic design: Pneumatic conveyor in hygienic design according to EU regulations and directives, meets GMP and FDA requirements.
  • Pneumatic Conveyor, PHP type: PHP type push conveyor for pneumatic dense phase conveying in the push conveying method. Due to the high loading and slow conveying speed, it has a particularly gentle conveyance and is therefore suitable for sensitive and abrasive bulk materials. Heavy industrial version, industrial/fine chemical/hygienic version. 
  • Vibration conveyor, PHV heavy design type: Pneumatic dense phase conveying in the push conveying method with high loading and slow conveying speed for gentle conveying, suitable for heavy-flowing bulk materials, also for high temperatures.

Rotary valves:

  • Blow-through rotary valves, DBS type: Dosing rotary valves for continuous feeding into pressure or suction conveying lines.
  • Rotary valves, ZRS type with leakage air collector and blowing shoe: For pneumatic pressure conveying.

Batch vacuum conveyors:

  • Vaccum Batch Conveyor Type VACUFILLAlternate filling and emptying of the batch vacuum conveyors, suction under vacuum, complete emptying by pressure impulse.
  • Vacuum batch conveyors VACU FILL in hygienic design: The hygienic batch vacuum conveyors for pneumatic vacuum conveying.
    Alternate filling and emptying.
  • Batch vacuum push conveyor, PCV type: The compact batch vacuum push conveyor: Impressive technology for reliably conveying materials with even the most difficult flow characteristics.


  • Multi-way diverters, MWW type: Distributor for pneumatic pressure conveying lines or merging of vacuum conveying lines, up to 20 outlets, also as collector, smooth and shock-free material passage, piggable, free of dead zones.
  • Multi-way diverters, MWW type abrasive-resistant design: Rotary pipe and connecting parts with ceramic lining or hardened thick-walled pipe.
  • Multi-way diverters, MWW type anti-adhesion design: Rotary pipe and connecting parts with PE pipe or made of elastomer, smooth, shock-free material passage.
  • Two-way diverters, ZWW type: Distributor with two outlets, compact, free of dead zones, smooth, shock-free material passage, design also wear-resistant or non-stick version.
  • Pipeline parts Type CEB-DFRBends and conveying pipe end pieces in pressure and vacuum conveying pipes made of wear-resistant cast steel.
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