Séries APC L, APC C et ARC K

Machines pour les petits rendements jusqu’au niveau laboratoire, entièrement en acier inoxydable.

Pour l’industrie pharmaceutique, chimique et alimentaire.

Kompaktor APC L

Robust, versatile and straightforward

With the Kompaktor® type L active substance mixtures are processed into granules.

This process is known as compaction, dry granulation or just granulation.

Through a special roller arrangement it is possible for the Pharmapaktor L to be cleaned easily, coupled with high press force. Roller changes can happen in less than 5 minutes!

By concentrating on the essentials the Pharmapaktor L offers a particularly good price-performance ratio.

  • in case of high press forces
  • in case of frequent product changes
  • in case of small to medium batch sizes

  • Press forces up to 30 kN/cm
  • Series made of stainless steel
  • Automatic press forces
  • Good product adaptation using different rollers and feed screws
Kompaktor APC L 200/30 200/50
Roller width (mm) 30 50
Throughput (kg/h) 1,5 - 30 10 - 150
Vacuum de-aeration yes yes

Kompaktor ARC K

Powerful and efficient

The Kompaktor® K is mainly used for powder processing in the chemical industry. However, this Kompaktor is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. Here active ingredient mixtures are processed into granules.

For this the powder is first pressed into flakes/pellets. These are often crushed with a Flake Crusher or Screening Granulator into granulate.

The Kompaktor K offers a stable, parallel roller gap over the whole press force.

A one-sided excess compression is avoided because of this. Therefore this machine is particularly suited to pressure-sensitive products.

The Kompaktor K is equipped with a press force control as standard. The quality relevant press force can be continually logged and controlled. Therefore the process can be validated.

  • Production machine for large batches
  • in the case of high press forces
  • in the case of temperature sensitive products

  • Adjustable roll gap
  • Coolable rollers
  • Vacuum de-aeration
  • High throughputs up to 900 kg/h
  • Pre and secondary crushing
  • Automatic feed unit
Kompaktor ARC K 200/50 200/100 300/200
Press force (kN) 150 200 300
Roller diameter (mm) 200 200 300
Roller width (mm) 50/75 100 140/200
Throughput (kg/h) 10-150 20-300 300-900
The throughput is dependent on the product.

Pharmapaktor APC C

A class of its own

With the Pharmapaktor® C active substance mixtures are processed into granulate. For this the powder is first pressed into flakes/pellets. Crushing to granulate takes place in one or two stages with integrated Flake Crusher.

The Pharmapaktor C 250 has gap and screw control. Gap control takes place electromechanically and therefore is particularly low-maintenance.

The rollers are easily accessible and can be disassembled at the front for cleaning.

For the R&D sector,  as little as 50 g can be used to achieve reproducible results.

  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Pilot operation and development (galenics)
  • in the case of frequently changed products
  • in the case of temperature sensitive products
  • Insulator application

  • Gap adjustable during operation
  • Coolable rollers
  • Vacuum de-aeration
  • Small funnels for reproducible results from 50 g
  • Screw system for automatic product adaptation
  • integrated flake crusher
Pharmapaktor APC C 80/20 250/30 250/50 250/100
Press force (kN) 12 100 200 200
Roller diameter (mm) 80 250 250 250
Roller width (mm) 20 30 50 100
Minimum batch quantity (g) 50 100 100 100
Throughput (kg/h) 6 30 200 400
The throughput is dependent on the product.
Brochure Kompaktor APC L
Brochure Pharmapaktor APC C


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