Compact Line CL

Compact-Line CL

Ils incluent un rotor de coupe à cisaillement croisé breveté pour broyer les matières plastiques, articles en caoutchouc et produits de l’industrie agro-alimentaire.

  • Couteaux de rotor divisés en couteaux unitaires courts
  • Panier de tamis rabattable pour faciliter le nettoyage, le remplacement des couteaux et le réglage du jeu de coupe

As a standard feature, Alpine compact line granulators CL offer all the integrated technology that is necessary these days for the cost-effective comminution of all kinds of plastics - and at an attractive price. Developed as a universal granulator, the success of this product line bases on the many details aimed at maximum user benefits.

  • Rotors in patented Alpine cross-scissor-cut technology
  • Robust framework construction in "triple-frame" technology
  • Electrohydraulic dual opening system for mill top section and screen support for fast and comfortable access to rotor and grinding chamber
  • Gap elimination/minimisation for optimal cleaning
  • Machine sizes from 30 kW to 500 kW
  • Modular design for short delivery periods

  • Alpine cross-scissor-cut rotor guarantees optimum material intake and distribution and thus high throughput rates at reduced energy consumption.
  • The standard electrohydraulic opening mechanism of machine top section and screen support ensures optimum accessibility when cleaning the machine before changing the feed product or the product colour.
  • Screen can be rotated through 180°, rotor knife adjustment takes place outside the machine, the stator knives can be used on 4 sides. The concept and design of the cutting knives endows them with an extremely generous potential for being resharpened, thus reducing the spare parts requirement.
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