Ventoplex C

Ventoplex C

  • Sélecteur à circuit d’air avec capacité spécifique élevée de fines
  • Plage de finesse environ d97 = 24-200 µm
  • Faible besoin en énergie spécifique
  • Faible usure
  • Réglage continu de la finesse pendant le fonctionnement
  • Bonne accessibilité pour l’inspection et la maintenance

The Ventoplex C is a circuit-air classifier. In contrast to the former Ventoplex B with central drive, the new C design has a separately driven classifying wheel. In the new machine, the fan and classifying wheel are coaxially arranged and are driven by means of two separate hollow shafts. This makes it possible for the user to set different speeds and thus permits a significant extension of the fineness range from currently 24 µm to 200 µm.

The product is fed to the centre of the classifier head via a hollow shaft, from which the material falls onto a centrifugal plate underneath the classifying wheel. The centrifugal plate distributes the feed material uniformly in the classifying chamber. Coarse particles fall against the upward flow of classifying air to the bottom, collect in the coarse material cone and are discharged through the side of the machine via a gravity chute. Fine particles in the feed material become entrained in the upward flow of classifying air and enter the classifying wheel along with the classifying air.

The particles in the classifying wheel are classified by the two competing forces, namely centrifugal force and flow force. Coarse particles are rejected by the centrifugal force, whereas for the fine particles, the drag force of the air flow predominates, allowing the particles to pass through the classifying wheel. The Ventoplex air classifier requires no additional external dust collector to separate the fines.

  • Wide fineness range
  • High fines throughput rate
  • Insensitive to overload
  • Low specific energy consumption
  • Low peripheral speed
  • Low air circulation rate
  • Low overall height
  • Good accessibility for inspections
  • Maintenance-friendly design, use of inexpensive wear parts and thus low maintenance costs


Limestone, quick lime, fertilising lime, feed lime, bentonite, dolomite, gypsum, chamotte, quartz, feldspar, pegmatite, raw kaolin, ore, phosphor, glass powder, abrasives, rice flour, bone meal, etc.

Because of the high wear resistance and the high achievable fines throughput, the Ventoplex air classifier is ideal for use in the mineral powder industry, especially for ceramic powders that need to be produced without iron contamination.

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